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Lets Do Biz Networking Lunch

May 22, 2009

Lets Do Biz Networking Lunch

20th May 2009

Another packed networking lunch suggests people are reaching out to network and get business moving. The real skill that people seem to be missing is the ability to network, that should be the theme of our next event, teaching people to network.

I arrive at 6am to put the grass fed sirloins in the oven. We marinated the sirloin in coffee and sechwan pepper. The beef came out of the oven at 11.30am. We let it rest. Portioned it then grilled the outside and served it with pontiac mash, beans and of course béarnaise. We got allot of remarks about the food, which adds an up market credibility to the event I believe.

As an example I rang a few of the participants after the event and asked them what they thought. Some were not kind about the speakers and claimed to get little out of the lunch while others walked away with 10-15 people wanting to do business with them straight away. some people connect really well, while others forget that people want to know how you can help their business not what your company does. so start every meeting by thinking how can i help this person.

I feel that we did not promote ourselves MUMU Grill enough in the event and perhaps should have organised some printed material or a door prize. We’ll do better next time.

We also should be promoting the health benefits of the lunch they are eating, better health better work, better business.

This is my first ramblings welcome to our blogg

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  1. Michael van Stom permalink
    May 25, 2009 1:37 pm

    Nice Blog Craig!

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