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Wines for “Take it Slow”

May 27, 2009

I met Matt’s mother when my car broke down in Canberra and i had to retrieve it one week end. What does one do when you have to trip down to Canberra. I went skiing, bottle of red, some cheese and chatter and I met Lexi Polin. one thing led to another and 2 weeks latter Matt came knocking at our door, with the Amazing Polin and Polin wines. they have been on our list ever since.

Here are his brief notes on the wines we will be tasting in the “Take it slow” event. (see add right) Polin Bloggand a picture of Matt after picking.

2000 – The first ever Vintage for the Polin Family and a great year for the Hunter, so we were off to a good start! Grapes were perfect after a hot, dry vintage and it formed the style for what would become the Limb of Addy.

2001 – was a race agents the clock. Hail earlier in the year reduced the crop and rain was threatening just before vintage. The sky’s opened as we finished up and the mad scramble to get the wines into the winery. The result was a good, though slightly lighter wine.

2002 – was a wet year for the vineyard. After rain berries swell and sugar and acids drop. We left the grapes to raisin in the vines and redevelop sugars which lead to more developed gamey characters.

2003 – ran very smoothly until predicted rain in February put the pressure on. We managed to get the fruit into the winery a couple of hours before the rain in great condition. The vines had also reached the maturity to deliver more body and complexity into the wine.

2004 – was a very wet year for the Limb of Addy and we did not produce a wine in this year.

2005 – Was another hot dry year producing exceptionally high quality fruit leading to good body in the wine and a more fruit driven style for the limb of Addy. We also made the decision to close the bottles with screw cap this year

Come and see for yourself how the Limb of Addy evolved year by year under these different weather conditions.

Matthew Polin

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