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July 13, 2009
Absolute madness

Absolute madness

On a weekend in June we head off to Tasmaina. leaving at 6.15 am at first seems like absolute madness, no sleep, hardly awake, hair a mess. Getting down to tassy at 8 am though has definite advantages. we arrive at the Hotel drop off our bags and head out to the Salamanca markets, why don’t we have markets like this in Sydney?? The answer to that is probably the immediate proximity to the farms that Tasmania seems to enjoy. The market is thriving with gourmet food producers, wineries and other handicrafts, which all seem to catch my wife’s fancy. Mark and I head straight for the warm mead, followed by some award winning bratwurst, alcoholic Guilespies ginger beer and of course the Famous Scallop Pie (400 scallops and a light mornay sauce, pure pleasure). What a great start to the day.

We decide to take a breather and head to Smolt for some lunch. Named after the infantile stage of the Salmon it is located and I suspect probably co funded by the Tassal Salmon showroom. Here we hook into some fantastic Pacific Bruny Island oysters, who’s aroma and flavour, make you feel like you are transported into the clean crisp ocean. Speaking of ocean. The jumbo Oysters cooked with orange vinaigrette were so big you could quite easily have paddled the shell back to the mainland. we finished the meal off with some lovely pinot gris. I love that medium weight oiliness of Pinot Gris a good one can be thouroughly enjoyed by itself while still having the balls to go extremely well with all types of food. we finish lunch off with a mushroom and talegio pizza, some salmon pancetta and a lovely small dish of beef shin with white bean puree. At this stage we are all feeling good and ready for a nanna nap.

But we have organised to meet with sue Dyson and Roger Mcshane Food Tourist, who I met through Twitter. After some espresso and chit chat our group decided to head out to Moorilla Estate for a quiet afternoon tasting. Now , I have always loved the Moorilla estate Pinot which I stocked at the tasting room  (when I owned it).

This was a lesson in how to do it. Daniel who took us through our tasting knowledge on the product was incredible. He did have some, pretty exceptional products to show though. In all classes of wines as well as the beer. My favourite was the dark ale, a cocoa stouty flavour with a clean finish, a real connoisseur’s beer.  Needless to say, when they complete the changeover to distributing their own stuff we will be stocking more than the MOO Brew which we currently stock.

the whole Moorilla estate experience gets me thinking on how important it is to control everything about the experience that you can.

Also that it is good to be controversial. Oscar Wilde once said “there is only one thing worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about”. The controversy comes about from their labeling which reflects sex and death, very controversial. We need to do things that are different to get the people debating and discussing all the issues we are passionate about.

Wine tasting at Meadowbank

Wine tasting at Meadowbank

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  1. July 14, 2009 12:40 am

    scallops, oysters YUM! i love the MuMum Land blog title. reminds me of The KLF from the early 90’s aka The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu hehe is this where your name came from i wonder?

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