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Demystifying Biodynamics October 28th 6.45pm

September 2, 2009

CollageBiodynamicsI am busy working away on trying to piece together a Byodynamic dinner. We are using the whole cow, who is called “Craig”. I’m not sure how I feel about that. nevermind, the exercise has been very interesting having to work out with 240kg of dead weight how I can do a 4 course meal for 80-100 people.
A very interesting challenge. how many chefs know the weight of fillet, or any other cut for that matter from one 250kg carcase???
Lucky Rob Lennon from Gundooee organics has done up a chart, detailing the brerakdownby cut in percentage and Kgs, which has helped.



Names of cuts % of Indicative
carcass weight-kg
1 Rump 5.6 12.3
2 Knuckle 3.3 7.3
3 Topside 6.2 13.6
4 Tenderloin 1.5 3.3
5 Butt tenderloin 0.8 1.8
6 Striploin 1 rib 3.1 6.8
7 Striploin 2 rib 3.5 7.7
8 Shortloin 1 rib 5.5 12.1
9 Shortloin 2 rib 6.4 14.1
10 Outside 5.7 12.5
11 Heel muscle 1.3 2.9
12 Cube roll 7 rib 2.5 5.5
13 Cube roll 8 rib 2.8 6.2
14 Blade 5.5 12.1
15 Chuck tender 0.8 1.8
16 Chuck 4 rib 6.8 15.0
17 Brisket 11 rib 6.6 14.5
18 Flank steak 0.5 1.1
19 External flank plate 0.7 1.5
20 Internal flank plate 0.7 1.5
21 Intercostals 1.3 2.9
22 Shin-shank 3.6 7.9
23 Rib blade meat 0.8 1.8
24 Unusable trim 24.5 53.9
TOTALS 100 220.0
% KG

The Cow will be butchered ion the 14th of September shipped down in quarters and Darren my local butcher, will hang it for 5-7 weeks. We will then break down the beast together and make up our menu. 


KW-LogoThe menu will be roughly.
Menu $120

Carpacccio Of “Craig” (The Cow) with Jalapeño, Fennel, Parmesan & Lemon Balm.

Biodynamic Sausage, Carrot & Stinging Nettle Salad with Fetta & White Balsamic Dressing.

Mini Braised Brisket & Mushroom Empanadas With BBQ Sauce

Slow Roast Forequarter with Bone Marrow Sauce. Served with roasted field mushrooms and Steamed Asparagus.

Selection of Hunter Valley Cheeses

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  1. September 2, 2009 8:53 am

    An very interesting idea, lucky Gundooee had a chart! I have been enjoying their wagyu mince at home, making excellent barbecued patties.

    When you prepare the menu will you be telling us which cuts went where?

    I only ask because last year I filled our home freezer with a lamb, and it took a mental jigsaw (and later a diagram) to work out what cuts I could choose, and what cuts ruled out other cuts.

    Your carpaccio sounds unique and exciting!


    • mumuland permalink*
      September 2, 2009 10:34 am

      I know Rob has put alot into making sure there is transparency in his operation. Lucky for me. you should come to the dinner it will be a fun dinner.

  2. Adrian permalink
    October 16, 2009 11:29 pm

    Very interesting. I had no idea that nearly a quarter of a cow is “unusable trim.” Is that mainly bone or is it other stuff as well?

    We’ll definately be booking in for the dinner!

    • mumuland permalink*
      October 17, 2009 4:00 am

      Bone, secondary cuts that are super tough. amazing when you think we usually only use 20 percent of the cow. We need more slow cooking techniques to use these cuts.
      can’t wait to chat to you about it on the night.
      CHeers and thanks for the comment


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