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Organic Wagyu and Biodynamics

October 3, 2009

Gundooe_logo_redonwhiteCMYKIn order to get ready for the biodynamics. I have ordered anside of Organic wagyu from my friend Rob Lennon from Gundooee Organics. It arrived with all Offal which was an added bonus Heart, liver, cheek, tounge, kidneys and tail. Which I must say was a bit of a supprise, the offal is usually kept by the abbatoir.

The liver was an amazing flavour and we couldn’t help but serve it up with the traditional onion jam, mash and some crisp prosciutto. The heart, cheek, tail and tounge were a little bit more problematic. Given, what does one do with one wagyu cheek? It’s not really enough to put on the menu by itself. In the end I braised all seperate bits, diced them and made some extremely flavour packed empanadas.


I hung the beast for 2 weeks whole. during that time the biodynamic beast arrived, hung using the tenderstretch Method which has had the butchers a little perplexed. The tenderstrtatch method, as far as I understand it, id hung through the hip rather than the usual achilies tendon this causes the primals to set in different shapes. This will make the drying and breaking up of this carcase a bit more of a challenge.
After 2 weeks of hanging we broke up the organic carcase iuto primals and trim. The butcher Daren (Best buitcher shop onthe north shore ” business awards) and I talked through what to do with each piece.

There are only 2 major pieces which we will hang for another 4 weeks. The prime rib area including all the ribs and the t bone leading into the rump. The topside we made into Steak sandwiches for the restaurtant and the new Organic market.

As president of the Crows Nest Chamber of Commmerce We have been able to start a small organic market on Thursday from 12-6pm every week.

Wagyu Sausages

Wagyu Sausages


In breaking up the body we had 35kg of sausages made.  the Sausages are made using only the meat salt pepper, parsley and a small amount of egg for binding.

Some of which get sold at the oganic market some of which get made intomeatballs here at the restaurant with some chicken mince and green olives.



Wagyu Aging

Wagyu Aging

The Primals will hang for another 3 weeks. next week we will break up the Biodynamic beast. “Kraig” is a pure bread Limosin and the butcher is very impressed with the quality of the meat.
We have got all the Wagyu bones cooking today to make an organic wagyu stock this should be probably the healthiest thing since sliced bread. can’t wait for the flavour.






Rob lennon who grows our organic wagyu has changed the property he lives on to be amodel of rotational pasture raising allowing his farm to regenerate infact, grow greener and lusher just by the way he manages his cattle. We should all be sitting up and taking a leaf out of robs book.

Robs Property which used to be a dustbowl

Robs Property which used to be a dustbowl

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  1. October 3, 2009 9:04 pm

    You had me at wagyu cheek empanadas. Must have been the best darn empanadas ever! My husband made a rendang recently using wagyu, I felt similarly enamoured!

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