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Krinklewood Biodynamic Dinner

October 29, 2009

A great night was had by all last night.

The challenge for this night was feeding all the people who booked, no matter how many, from a limited amount of beef (220kg whole weight).Kraig as Rod and the team from Krinkle wood had decided to call the beast was a pure bred limousin. Rod has chosen the limousin probably for its hardy nature.

The animal was killed September 10th, then hung for six weeks at Kirbys gourmet meats. Peter, one of the older butchers at Kirby’s, luckily had dealt with meat, that had been tenderstretch hung. Tenderstretch hanging, as far as I am aware, is hanging a carcase fom the hip and not from the more common acchilies tendon. this makes the meat more tender. however it is more difficult to cut for the buthcers and therefore did not take off.


We started the night at the bar with the Krinklewood Blanc De Blanc Sparkling. Accompanied by Poached tounge with nepalese spices.

We poached the tounge chilled it down, sliced finely and sprinkled with a spice mix of cardamon, corriander, chilli, and cloves.

I was sceptical of whether people would eat the tounge. But to my supprise, the tounge was devoured by our guests quickly.

Maybe I should have had more offal in this dinner? I was going to do an offal empanada utlising the heart, cheek & liver. But I didn’t. I have been trying Calves liver from our organic wagyu, on the daily specials, but it is not taking off. I cannot even give it away at happy hour for free.

1st Course matched with 2009 Semillon

Carpaccio of Biodynamic Limousin with Shaved Fennel, Parmesan, Lemon Balm and Jalepeno Salt.

I shaved baby fennel on the finest setting that my mandolin had, picked lemon balm from some, live lemon balm micro herb pots, saved the herb part from the top of the fennel. That was mixed into a salad with a light rosemary aioli and shaved parmesan.


The jalepeno salt I made weeks ago. Finely dice cellery and jalepeno, add to mortar and pestle with rock salt and grind until even. then leave out on a metal tray in the oven with the pilot light on over night or until it is totally dry

I Really liked this dish. the creaminess of the ailoi and parmesan gave reverence to the original carpaccio recipe from Harry’s bar in Venice. while the fennel lemon balm and cleanliness of the meat allowed all flavours to be tasted while not having any one single flavour be to overpowering . Something you need to be very careful of in carpaccio. The Semillon is a perfect match for this dish, the clean finish and the light acid picks up on the citrus in the dish. I know i am blowing my own trumpet a bit but this is how i saw it. the comment section at the end is there for you to comment if you wish.

2nd Course Matched with Krinklewood Wild Red

Biodynamic Sausages, Red Cabbage, Puy Lentils, Carrot, Mint & Mustard Dressing

We made the sausages in the morning utlising the chuck. the sausages were seasoned, and had chopped parsley nothing else. they had a light clean flavour with a lingering mounth feel.


cook puy lentils, mix with olive oil, red wine vinegar, dijon mustard, roasted garlic, and parsley. lay on base of plate.

shred red cabbage, carrot and pick 2 bunches of mint mix this salad with seasoning and olive oil place on top of puy lentils.

cook and slice sausages, lay on top of salad. serve to share.

3rd Course Matched with 2004 Shiraz

Brisket braised in MUMU BBQ Sauce, Celeriac Mash, BeansIMG_0445


Braise Brisket on the bone in a mixture of MUMU BBQ sauce, corriander, garlic, chilli, biodynamic beef stock.Braise for 2.5 hours in oven covered.

Cool cut off the bone and portion. to serve reheat in sauce from braising and place on mash.

Roast celeriac untill golden on the outside and soft in the middle. mash with parsley, salt, pepper, and little lemon juice.

saute beans in butter sea salt and pepper. I used butter beans and green beans to add colour.

4th Course matched with 2006 Shiraz

Slow Roast Hind Quarter, Asparagus, Feild Mushroom and Biodynamic Jus .IMG_0443

Here is a photo of the sirloin after 4 hours cooking at 80 degrees. we put the meat in a bath of stock (about 2 inches). only after it has acheived room tempreture then into the oven for 4 hours checking every 30 mins to see if we need to change the tempreture. it is essential when cooking like this that you use a meat thermometre to tell when it is medium rare. do not take it out to early as the meat will be mushy and unapealing to eat. The tissue must be allowed to break down then re”set” so you get good mouth feel and an apealing meal.


Served with Biodynamic Jus Asparagus and field mushrooms, you couldn’t get a more healthy meal for yourself.


It was a very enjoyable meal and i hope the begining of  not only a great relationship between Krinklewood and MUMU but the first of many whole carcase dinners that we will do.

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  1. November 2, 2009 10:55 pm

    It was a great night and everyone thought that you did a fantastic job with the food.
    Krinklewood would love to be involved in future dinners so maybe we might look a a Krinklewood biodynamic lamb night in the near future.

    Well Done to Craig, Brendon and the crew !

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