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Handcrafted Beer Dinner – $85 April 28th 7pm

February 10, 2010

We are launching, on March 17th , a regular once a month Handcraft Beer Dinner. Where we match a number of dishes with beer, as well as cook with beer. The dinners will be limited to 24 persons and can be booked at different dates for birthdays, bucks, special or corporate events.

Our aim is to showcase the different flavours of the different styles of beer, as well as introduce the concept of beer with desert or an accompaniment to food in general as an alternative to wine.

I  organised a test dinner if you like with some regulars and social media friends to test the food, beer and overall experience.  So we can deliver a superior quality product at the right price to the consumer. Sort of, a focus group, I know why were you not invited. Sorry. That’s the gig and somebody has to do it.


Grass fed Angus Pure Beef Tartare on cruets as a welcome starter matched with Moo Brew Hefeweizen

“A classic German Wheat beer, this is naturally cloudy with a vibrant yellow colour and strong foam head.” (Moorilla website)




18 mth Jamon Serrano matched with Murray’s Pilsner.

“Murray’s Pilsner is our interpretation of Pilsner made vaguely in the North German style. Made with classic German malts and using a traditional pilsner/lager process of cold fermentation and extended conditioning periods, Murray’s Pilsner is the only bottle-conditioned Pilsner brewed in Australia. This retains the freshness of the beer by eliminating oxidation”

Oysters  natural matched with Marstons Oyster Stout.

“Traditionally in London at about the time of Dickens, Stout and Oysters were the poor man’s meal, taken as good hearty tasty food.

There are no Oysters in Oyster Stout, but the association is well established and you can now enjoy this great tasting traditional English Stout.

The unique character of Oyster Stout is brought about by fermentation with the Marston’s strain of yeast. Taken from the Burton Unions, this yeast is very active and gives full attenuation of beer giving a dry clean after-palate.

English Aroma Hops, Fuggles and Goldings are added for their fruity, floral and spicy contribution to the taste with the majority of the bitterness coming from the roasted malts. The final result is a rich, dark and extremely creamy smooth stout with good character and strength.”

Slow cooked pork shoulder cooked in beer and sage matched with  Pigs Fly Pale Ale.

“For those of you who appreciate how a good beer is crafted, pale ales are made using a pure pale malt, fermented with a top fermenting ale yeast. This very clever yeast allows a faster and warmer fermentation than a lager, and the pale malt gives the beer its golden-copper colour. This warmer fermentation process allows for the formation of esters. Esters give the brew a distinct fruity or citrus aroma. Special yeast strains can also be used to give a nutty or savoury character.

What about that fantastic taste? Well it’s all down to the hops. Hops give beer a bit of backbone and character. We use two types of hops in Pigs Fly Pale Ale. Cascade hops which give it that fruity, floral taste at the front of your palate, while the chinook hops bring it all home with a unique bitterness at the back.” Pigs Fly website

Angus pure T-Bone cooked Tagilatta style slow cooked with rosemary and garlic matched with Knapstein Reserve Ale

Braised Cuttlefish and Chorizo matched with Red Emperor Red Ale.








And Lastly Sour Cherry Chocolate Tart with Moo Brew Dark ale .

“This American brown ale presents dark with a hint of brooding sherry-red.”

I have used the photos from the food bloggers who came to the event. My thanks goes out to them please click on the photos to see what they thought of the event. I had a great time but I would rather you get their opinion.

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  1. February 10, 2010 12:22 pm

    the Angus pure T-Bone was excellent along with the sour cherry chocolate tart. thanks for including me in the focus group. definitely a great event to try top quality boutique beers as well 🙂

  2. March 12, 2010 4:41 am

    Wow – what a great addition! I am emailing this to a few mates who are beer snobs, glad to see it will be a monthly gig!

    • mumuland permalink*
      March 12, 2010 5:53 am

      Hope to see you at one of these soon mate.

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