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2 Day Apprentice Oct 4th and 5th – $350

September 11, 2010

How would you like to train as a real masterchef?? How would you experience the thrill of preparing and cooking for your closest friends and 75 to 100 others??

Under the watchfull eye of 2 Chefs you can prepare, from scratch a 7 course menu from 1 body of certified organic wagyu. If you are interested in being a masterchef and still able to go home to your normal job after then this is the treat for you. If you are a cooking nut and always wondered what it would be like to cook in a comercial kithcen for 75-100 people then this is the gig for you.

In a nutshell and I do mean a nutshell. Six Ametuers will sit down on monday morning with Craig Macindoe (me) and Benjamin Cooper (St_Ali).

Over coffee the 6 ametuers will design the menu (with the chefs help) break up into two groups and prepare a 7 course degustation to be served to friends and the paying public on Tuesday night. We will type the recipes up photograph the end product and each member will get a copy of therecipes we cooked. We will taste the wines to be recomended with each course, and each Ametuer will have their say in what will be recomended.

Each participant will be required from 9am-4pm Monday and 10am-10pm Tuesday. Meals will be served Aprons and all utensils will be supplied. all that is required is a sense of adventure and a love of cooking.

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  1. September 12, 2010 12:24 pm

    a great opportunity for anyone wanting to do. i’m tempted to come along to the ribsfest though. sounds great. 🙂

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