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Lambageddan The Recap

September 13, 2010

Lambageddon is the third of a number of dinners created and executed by Benjanim Cooper and Myself. All the dinners are around one animal. Duckfest, Porkestra & Lambageddon.

Here are some of the recipes that made the night so special.

Lamb, Pinenut and Mint Beautifuls

Braised lamb necks
Lamb necks bone in
Lamb stock, or beef stock with red wine
Celery, carrots, onion,

Braise for 4 hours at med oven or until meat is falling of the bone.

Pull meat of bone and shred.
Reduce braising liquid down to consistency of thickened cream

Pinenuts, roast garlic, mint, lemon zest. Combined in a mortar and pestle.
Bash until forms a paste.
Add paste to lamb in mixing bowl, slowly add thickened stock make sure the mixture is not wet. Season.
Lay out two layers of filo brushed with butter in between. Cut into 7cm strips. Place teaspoon of mixture on filo fold in corner then continue folding up the strip maintaining the triangle shape.

Bake, eat enjoy

Greeen Pea Soup with Lamb and Fennel Dumplings and Truffle Oil.

Lamb neck braised, fennel (caramelized ) lemongrass, reduced lamb sauce, palm sugar, ginger, spring onion. Wrap in wonton wrappers. Poach and drop into soup witha drizzle of truffle oil.

Cashew and mint relish
2 MIT mint
2 mkt coriander
10 lemongrass
2 nobs Ginger
10 green chillies
2 zested oranges
Cashews 1kg
Palm sugar 500 g
Lime juice
Fish sauce

Lamb Shank

Make caramel with palm sugar. Water and palm sugar. Wait for slow bubbles add to roasted cashews, and set like praline.
Break and blend with all others bar lime juice and fish sce

DesertPoached fruit.
Apple juice, star anise, cinnamon, vanilla, cardamon, sugar.

Poach rhubarb, pear, orange, strawberry, apple. Poach all fruits individually.

Sheepskin milk labna.
Hang sheeps yoghurt over night in muslin.

Many Thanks must go out to Gourmet Rabbit who has taken all these photos. Also many thanks to Tim Lewis Who is our videographer.

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  1. Tim permalink
    September 14, 2010 2:22 pm

    Nice video – the food looks amazing. I can’t wait for Ribfest!! Bring on the RIBS…


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