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10 Tips For a Succesful Work Christmas Party

November 4, 2010

Here are Craig’s 10 Tips for a Successful Christmas Party…

1. Book a Good Venue, preferably MUMU Grill.


2. Buy very expensive champagne and sit next to the bosses favourite. This way you wont be blamed (and you get to drink really good wine) and maybe you might just get lucky , or unlucky depending on rule 3. Note: Drink water in between drinks you’ll last longer.

3. Don’t sleep with or entertain any shenanigans with anybody you are not willing to leave employment for (if in doubt check out legal proceedings against high profile males in big business this year! – enough said) .

4. Dress up. Don’t wear better clothes than the boss, but look like you should be the boss.

5. Don’t Dance or Karaoke until the after party.

6. Pick a menu from our functions package so you have fixed price parties at Mumu Click this link for more info

7. Don’t offer the boss opinions on how to run the company no matter how few drinks you think you have had.

8. NOTE to self: The work Christmas party is not the time or place to announce your fetishes.

9. Always have an exit plan.

10. Make sure you enjoy yourself!


Call us on 9460 6877 for an information pack or visit .

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