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Happy New Year

December 11, 2010

MUMU Grill has had such a great year wed like to give you something. “Cedrick” the cow thought it would be a good idea to give away Prawns.

Just print this picture out and bring it in to recieve free Prawns during January.

Not valid with any other promotion, not redeemable for cash.

Holiday tips from “Cedrick the Cow”

1. Only Eat Food that is Good for you this Holiday season. Eat lots, but make
sure it is good.

2. Eat Pig Not like a PIG.

3. Pray for the Australian Cricket team. They need it.

4. Spend more time with your family than you did last year.

5. Save some time for yourself. Spend some time reflecting!!

6. Spend some time thinking of just what makes you Happy. And do that!!

7. Spend some time helping those less fortunate.

8. Dont worry what others think about you – especially when dancing.

8. Sleep in as much as you can.

9. Get the RSS Feed From MUMULand so you keep up to date with your favourite

10. Sign up for either Beef and Beer Masterclass or Our new Contemperary BBQ
Cooking Class.

11. Listne to 2ue for our “Taste of Summer” recipes. Starting Jan 24th


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