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About MuMu

A family friendly grill and tapas bar located in Crows Nest.

MUMU Grill has a strong focus on sustainable produce. We offer grass fed beef, suckling lamb, as well as market fresh fish. We have a new wood fired oven, where we will be roasting suckling pig and lamb in as well as organic chicken, duck and fish.

The restaurant has an 11m long bar where patrons can enjoy a variety of tapas, great cocktails,
wines from an extensive list and ice cold beer. Come and have a quiet drink after work or catch up with friends and sip some of the mouth-watering cocktails.

MUMU Grill specialises in grass fed beef. Not only is grass fed beef better for you and better for the environment, it tastes better. As the beef is raised on grass alone, as nature intended, the fats found in grass fed beef are natural fats, which are needed in the body. In fact, you may lose weight eating grass fed beef because the fat content is not only lower than grain fed beef, the fat is actually good for you. “The taste of grass fed beef is what sold me on using it in our restaurant,” says head chef and owner Craig Macindoe. “Put simply, it has real beef flavour not like the feed lot cows.”

The relaxed ambience encourages everybody to feel comfortable. So come to MuMu Grill for a bit of fun to chat, drink, eat and have an enjoyable evening.

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